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Commercial Movers - Making Your Office Move Run Smoothly

commercial-MoversWhen it comes time to move your office, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the event run smoothly, especially since these moves often need to be conducted more quickly than a residential move and the items are often heavier, bulkier, or more sensitive in security matters. Hiring commercial movers or office movers is highly recommended when it comes to these types of moves as they are experienced with the unique variables for office moves and are worth the extra expense.

Other than the case of a small one or two person office with little equipment to move that you could probably handle yourself, an office move needs to be highly organized since there is usually just an afternoon or if you're lucky, a weekend, to completely transition to the new space; after all, time is money and losing business hours to a lengthy move can be costly. Therefore, by hiring the right help and obtaining their recommendations and instructions for packing and labeling, the move will be more likely to hassle free.

Commercial movers are usually available to disassemble your office furniture also, especially multiple cube walls and the attached desktops, shelving and file cabinets. They know how to do it quickly, how to pack and unpack it, and how to reassemble everything accurately and efficiently. Attempting to do these things yourself will no doubt result in frustration, sore backs, and probably much more time involvement than you might expect. In a large office, it would be nearly impossible. Besides the "structures" of the space, there are usually expensive computers, printers, even large servers and generators that need to be handled with care and sensitivity for security, so consider these needs when reviewing movers and quotes.

Office movers are also experienced in dealing with the nuances of office buildings and commercial spaces. Often, the rules for times you're allowed to move in or out, using freight elevators, and maneuvering back hallways and office space configurations is best left to the experts. They have the equipment (dollies and moving carts), tools, muscle, and most importantly, knowhow to get it done within required timeframes. If employees have also labeled their belongings and files correctly, everything should be ready and waiting to conduct business in the new space after just a few hours of their unpacking the little things.

Check with the movers you are considering to know exactly what is and is not included in their fee. If they're able to connect phones, computers, printers, and copiers after the initial move, you'll be even further ahead, especially if you do not have a staff that usually handles these things. The more you can cover in a single timeframe, the less you'll have to worry about planning and verifying later. Office moves can run smoothly, just take advantage of experienced moving companies to help you. That way, your new space will be up and running quickly and you'll be back to business with little or no downtime.

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