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International Movers - So You Are Moving To Another Country?

Int'l-MoversWhen looking for movers, you should look for affordable movers, to make sure that you can afford their services. It is critical that you determine the budget that you have for the move before you start looking for movers. Once you have determined your budget, you can then look for affordable movers.

International movers provide different services so be sure you decide on if you want door to door service or door to the closest port in the town that you are moving to. Now that you are ready to do the research and select the company that is best for you, make sure that you follow the following tips and ensure that the company:

  • Provide a written estimate after they have inspected the items that you want to move. If they tell you that they can provide an estimate without actually looking at the items, be aware that you are leaving yourself open to additional charges after the move;
  • Payment arrangements do not require that you pay the total cost up front. You should be able to pay part of the costs up front and the rest after you have received and inspected the items;
  • Have all of the legal documents for the trucks and containers that they will use for the shipping. If they do not have it, they might sub-contract the move out to another company;
  • Have enough insurance to cover the value of the items that you are shipping. No matter how careful the planning is, something might get damaged during the move. It is best to be sure of insurance coverage ahead of time before you have to file a claim;

Now that you have decided on the movers, make sure that you agree on the timing for the packing, moving and delivery. The delivery will have to be a timeframe due to having to clear customs. The company can provide an estimate on the delivery and then they should provide updates during the actual transit time.

When the actual day of the move occurs, be sure that you have enough assistance to work with the movers documenting the items that they are packing. The movers will provide an inventory, to include condition of each item and you have to make sure that you agree with their description.

If for some reason, you will not be available when the items arrive in country, be aware that you might have to pay storage costs after a certain timeframe. That is why it is important to be ready for the shipment when it arrives. If you take your time in the planning and research, your move will go easier for you.

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