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Local-MoversDid you know that the average adult has moved seven times in their lifetime? That's a lot of moving! Whether it's a move across the country or in another part of the same town, moving is a time consuming and potentially expensive event in one's life. Back in the Stone Age, people moved for food and water but today there are all sorts of reasons. Whether it be from job to job, closer or farther from family, attending or graduating college, meeting or following friends, or escaping reality all together moving comes with consequences socially, economically, and mentally.

Let's say for example that you live in a small one story house and you're planning on creating a family. You move locally in the same town because of the network of friends and family that live nearby and the settled work. There are good schools and friendly neighbors, a decent standard of living for the cost, and many choices of housing to choose from. In this scenario it would be easy to move. Local movers would come in for a nominal fee to relieve the new family of the hassle in physically moving their belongings, and the emotional and social transition would be minor. The consequences in this case do not outweigh the benefits of moving into another house so the family prospers and the local business makes a buck or two in the process.

Moving locally can also be difficult and expensive. Some local areas are not economically prosperous and people may be forced to relocate in the same city or town which they do not feel content living because they have to work to make ends meet. Instead, they could be forced to move not into a bigger house for a new family, but an apartment or condo instead with much less space and support from surrounding neighbors. The financial costs could be many since house movers would have to physically move belonging into another building and possibly, storage. These scenarios are just as common and with the economy as it is today, probably more stressful and traumatic causing a myriad of consequences from physical illness, emotional instability, higher rates of divorce and crime, and less overall job satisfaction. In this case it does not pay the person or family to move but moving occurs regardless.

The interesting part about moving locally or moving in general is that it is by choice or somehow fueled by those people's desires and wishes to live a better life. The financial aspects are generally negative because it costs money and time to move and adjust even when in the same area. However the most important factor in moving is often the emotional and social consequences. The person's perspective on choice affects how they adjust and how long it takes to adjust to their new surroundings. Socially, neighbors come from all walks of life and their support can be just a varied as the reasons to move in the first place. Moving doesn't have to feel like a burden though; it can be a life changing experience for the best with the right tools and people to help you.

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