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MovingTipsEvery move is different and every person or family may find particular moving tips more helpful than others. If however, you are moving more than one person or having children, please read on for some helpful moving hints. You may be moving locally, internationally or cross-country, but if you do some initial planning and put aside a reasonable amount of money for the move, you can make it as stress free as possible.

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume you can do it on your own. Plan on getting help and plan on paying for some of this help. You may have great friends and family who are willing to help, but unless you have great mutually helpful relationships with these people, you don't want to wear out the good will of those you care about. Consider paying for extra childcare leading up to the move and on the day of the move. Also, plan on hiring a moving company for your heavy lifting. If you really have the resources you may consider hiring a full-service moving company to pack many of your belongings.

You will need to pack far in advance. Unless you do this a lot, you will likely think you can do it quickly. However, odds are you will underestimate the amount of boxes that you need and how long it will all take. Get extra supplies of boxes and wrapping paper. This can get expensive so consider looking on classified websites for used boxes hat someone is offloading for free or ask your friends to save up any boxes they get in the mail or that they may have from old moves. DIY home repair shops also carry boxes that are less expensive than shipping stores.

Don't plan on your children under the age of 10 being much help and plan on doing most of the work when your children are either asleep or out of the house. Arrange extra playdates for your little kids leading up to the move and try to get them to go to a friend or spend the day with a babysitter on the day of the move.

Use this opportunity to get rid of all your old things. If you are well organized you can sell lots of old baby clothes online or through a yardsale. This will help you get a little extra cash for your move, leave less for you to pack and unpack in your new home. If you are just in a cleansing mood, but not so much a selling mood, find your favorite local charity that takes donations (such as Salvation Army) and drop off all your used clothes, furniture and toys. Avoid throwing things away as someone will likely be able to make use of even the most seemingly useless things.

Finally, call around and get some moving estimates from moving companies. Get recommendations from friends or from local on-line groups and call them for estimates. Trust their estimates on how long it will take for your move. If you tell the movers how many rooms you have, they should be able to give you a pretty good estimate on how long your move will take and how much they will charge. You may want the movers to disassemble your larger furniture items, like beds. They will often be able to reassemble them on the other end, which will allow you all to collapse into bed in your new home at the end of the day.

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